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Steps to Take When Buying a Home in Denmark

1. Signing the Purchase Agreement

You can contact us before signing the purchase agreement for your apartment, house or summerhouse. It’s free.

Review and procedure related to housing cooperatives is slightly different and doesn’t e.g. require a deed. Legal help to buy an apartment in a cooperative (andelsbolig) therefore only cost 3.995 DKK.

Rules for foreign citizens’ acquisition of real property apply.

If you choose not to be represented by us in the initial stage, always make sure that the signed purchase agreement contains a reservation clause regarding bank- and lawyer review. In most purchase agreements, the standard period for reservation will last four to five working days.

After signing the purchase agreement, you will need to provide the realtor contact information on your bank and chosen lawyer.

2. Reviewing the documents

The purchase agreement is not binding for you in the reservation period.

The real estate agent will forward all the documents to us. We do a thorough examination of every aspect of the purchase agreement and all relevant documents and give you a written evaluation. Furthermore, we answer questions you may have related to buying a home in Denmark.

If you decide to go on with the purchase, we inform the real estate agent. At the same time, your bank should notify the real estate agent, whether they have approved you for a home loan or mortgage.

3. Registering the deed

When the purchase agreement is final, we handle the correspondence with the real estate agent, seller and bank involved.

We register the deed and tell you when (and how) to sign it with your NemID.

4. Taking over the property

On the take-over date, the real estate agent will hand over the keys to you.

Together with the real estate agent, you should make a walk-through of the home and read the meters for e.g. electricity, water, gas and oil.

After moving into your new home, we calculate any needed reimbursements between you and the seller related to the ownership of the property.

Your Real Estate Lawyer

As a home buyer, you can expect specialist counselling from Frederiksberg Boligadvokater to a low fixed fee. You will get personal help from an experienced lawyer and get answers to all of your questions throughout the entire process

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